stillwithher2This morning, I woke up groggier and moodier than usual. I could not summon a genuine smile at the kind security guard in my work building, and I found myself avoiding eye contact with people around me. I had a political hangover. I was hurting; I was sad.

I am Canadian, but the election results affect me as a woman, as a person of colour, as someone who cares about humanity. It affects everyone. Read More


myhearthurtsI cannot comprehend why there have been so many hateful things happening lately and why every time I scroll through my newsfeed I see another headline that makes my heart hurt and why some people no longer feel safe in this place we’re all supposed to call home and why it’s 20fucking16 yet our human race cannot live peacefully with one another.

– heart heavy and bruised


We collect experiences and memories with each day that passes. And with each new experience that I encounter, I find myself using a past occurrence as a reference point. I contextualize almost everything. Because everything is relative, right?

The more we experience, the more we learn, and the higher our standards become. It’s why we’ll find ourselves comparing restaurants, comparing cities, comparing people, comparing anything that we come across. Each new experience is essentially the build up of all the experiences that came before it. We are the sum of our experiences after all.

Sometimes though, I wish I could just experience new places, new people, and new feelings at face value. As simply and innocently as a child.

thoughts on love

(a lower case post because i am whispering these thoughts)


i want love that is:

..playful, so that we remain energetically youthful and wonderfully weird, even during moments of stress.
..supportive, so that we are each other’s cheerleaders for our personal battles in life.
..appreciative, so that we find beauty in the small things about each other, especially in our faults and weaknesses.
..expressive, so that ‘i love you’s are uttered and shown often through actions, big or small., so that when we disagree with one another, we respect our differences in opinion. Read More


It is okay to…

• Read a message and not reply right away (but also understand when others don’t respond to you immediately)

• Choose to spend time alone instead of going out with friends (but also surround yourself with loved ones from time to time)

• Be vulnerable and allow emotions to take over (but also wait for your rational side to kick in before making any rash decisions)

• Change your mind about something (but also be firm in what you believe, and tread cautiously on the line between open-mindedness and resilience) Read More


Social media connects us online,
But disconnects us in real life.

If you like someone, act cool and aloof,
And they will probably reciprocate your feelings.

The constant pursuit of happiness
Is tireless and makes us unhappy.

Individuality is encouraged,
Yet we are always compared against others. Read More

viennaticketA 10-second glimpse of my life pre-exchange and during exchange in the form of doodles and notes (click HD):

Music: Stolen Dance by Milky Chance (only fitting, as they were my first concert in Vienna)

I would do anything to be back in one of my favourite cities in the world. Vienna, I’ll be back for you.